The Beekeeping farm La Fenice is a combination of two beekeeping entrepreneurs, but especially two friends, after collaborating with detailed company to more than 1000 km away, decided to formalize a partnership to develop at a better degree their company value. Luca Consigli working in the sunny Salento can accelerate the production of nucs and package bees thanks to early blooming and Giacomo Acerbi can enhance productivity thanks to variability and abundance of nectar flows typical of Piemonte region. So they decided to unify their strenghts into a unique partnership capable to cover both in terms of quality and quantity the entire range of hive products selling package bees, nucs , early and late queens, selecting their genetic heritage and producing monofloral honeys, thanks to the synergy of two fully complementary territories. La Fenice is the outcome of this project, and is already a leader company in the Europan market of package bees, nucs and selected queens. The remarkable numbers of our European export, the obsessive attention to quality, our state of the art logistics facilities and the ongoing research and development of innovative techniques to improve beekeeping conduction make La Fenice a reference point for those seeking high quality,professionality and punctuality from a beekeeping supplier. A valuable team of collaborators specialized in each of the production sectors guarantee maximum outcome whether they breed queens,prepare nucs or produce honey. In few words La Fenice, is a newly established reality, but with already solid roots thanks to years of experience and wide appreciation on European level.