Swarming tendency

Despite our Buckfast specialization, at the beginning La Fenice had only Ligustica genetics. For health and commercial reasons and to raise production standards, we have decided to change quite all queens in Buckfast as we have said several times, rejecting almost all italian strains we tested, we buyed and we held over years.

We have kept over the years a single line of Ligustica of different sisters, which have proved to be in line with the production averages of the rest of our buckfast lines. But above all, it was the only one line that never have given sign of sensitivity to European and American foulbroud, chalckbrood and virosis. Our italian queens are, leather colored, hygienic and healthy, gentle, they guarantee very good harvest and ensures excellent fecundity so large and compact brood. Especially good in warm climates and during long blooms. Also good at overwintering.

A modern Ligustica up to date.

Since two years we have another italian line , CH2, of Chinese origin, selected for the propensity to accept and breed cells with an excellent quantity and quality of royal jelly. They are suitable for royal jelly production and to be used for starter or finisher in the queens breeding operations.

Even the honey crops are interesting. hyper fertile, the only blemish, too much brood also at the end of the season. It means more honey stock consumed during winter. This CH2 remains an interesting line for specific uses.

These two Italian strains were confirmed pure by CREAA morphometric analyst. They have also been preserved by instrumental insemination.