PRICELIST 2018 - Reservations from November calling at +39 3922995997

Package bees (available from march to june):

Package bees from 1,5 kg queenless with synthetic pheromone, (weight warranted, without drones, with a maximum of 48 hours of storage in cold cell with temperature and humidity’ under control)

1-25 70+VAT

26-200 65 +VAT

over 200 (reserved negotiation +39 3451445669)

*prices without shipping fees.


Nucs of Buckfast bees over 5 frames made in june from package bees (over 2 kg) , with all new frames and treated without brood

-delivered until september 90 VAT

.delivered next spring 130 VAT

Nucs on 5 frames with brood and beeswax frames of maximum 3 years and without varroa

-delivered until september 80 VAT

-delivered next spring 120 VAT

*prices without shipping fees and hive box.

For orders of more than 100 nucs , or for specific requests, reserved negotiation at +39 3451445669


BUCKFAST QUEEN BEES (available since mid’ march till end of september, excluding the case of bad weather conditions)

1-10 18+VAT

11-25 16+VAT

26-200 15+VAT

Over 200 14+VAT

+2 EURO in case of request of a specific code

Queens F1 LUNDEN (Selected in Finland since more than 10 years for Varroa resistance)

1-10 25+VAT

11-25 23+VAT

over 26 21+VAT

Overwintered queens:

25 +VAT

Queen cells: 4 +VAT

*prices excluding shipping fees

Considering potential risks in relation to deliveries through couriers, especially in hot and cold periods, we kindly ask to our clients , in case of dead queens during shipping, to send immediately through whatsapp or sms to +39 3933693437, photos of the dead queens specifying their number.

La Fenice will take care of excluding the 50% value of the damage from the order, or if the client will prefer it, we will add for free to the next delivery 50% of the dead queens.



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