We sell and distribute regularly in Italy and throughout Europe our products. Why to buy package bees? It's simple: package bees are used to form a new colony especially since the absence of combs and brood is a guarantee of good health for the bees with a low varroa load. The inclusion of worker bees inside beehives with only beeswax sheets on frames reduces considerably the risk of “buying” bees with potential diseases or bacterial load. Simple bees can be used to populate colonies in any type of hive: Dadant, Langstroth, Miniplus or Apidea. You only need to calibrate the right quantity of bees to add.

Another use increasingly practised is to buy packages without the queen, orphanized, to enhance any weak colony just in time for an impending and abundant nectar flow. Being young bees, If you introduce them with the right advance they can guarantee a turbo effect to the colony that will be able to have a decisive push for a good harvest.


Of extreme importance is the customer's ability to properly use this simple product: spray lightly with water the bees before their introduction into the hive to limit any loss , If you need to form new colonies place your hives with different distances and directions to avoid any drift, introduce the bees always at sunset removing the pheromone and introduce the queens with their cages. The productive boost of package bees, similar to a swarming colony, If adequately supported by a nectar flow or nutrition will surprise you for the short time in which you will pass from around 15000 bees to a colony ready to produce honey. You just need to pay a bit of attention, we do the rest taking care of every single step to ensure a perfect product.


A company truck ensures optimal maintenance and well-being of packages during transport thanks to an innovative system of flows of fresh air and water vaporization. At the same time bee nutrition is granted by high quality dense syrup, without water addition, with high percentage of fructose for better support and improved digestibility. A state of the art temperature controlled cooler with controlled atmosphere, with cooling liquid engine ideal for the short phases of storage of the package bees during their production. Finally,but even more decisive, a fast method of production tested and refined through years of experience allows us to deliver a fresh product with young and healthy bees obtaining reliable results. Our team opts for a management “hive by hive” in order to manage each colony separately , ensuring a homogeneous end product, disease-free, without virgin queens,drones in excess and with a final real weight for the customer. Major investments in the choice of the best breeders breeding mothers in Europe allows us to put on the market a product easy to use, calm, healthy and with lower risks of drift when introducing it . Thanks to the favorable climate and the early blooms we begin to produce package bees for sale by the first week of March until the end of may. Normally we fill the package with 1,7 kg of bees weighed, one by one, and calculating that with the decline in physiological weight during the transport to the customer will always get at the end 1,5 kg of bees as agreed. Wooden boxes or waxed cardboard are naturally not to be reused. In short, if you are looking for the highest quality, professionalism and punctuality are your only option. For reservations or information about availability, quantities and prices please contact us..