Giacomo Acerbi, thanks to the experience gained within the estate Il Ritiro, brought a large gene pool that consists of buckfast lines from the best European breeders.

Every year La Fenice can use a wide range of sistes (at least 5 for each line) from which mothers are used as sires. Only after a scrupulous selection and at least one growing season, we can use some exemplars as breeding stock. Furthermore thanks to the cooperation with Tenuta il Ritiro a fundamental part of our work consist in keeping the best lines through a company selection: only in this way we can guarantee a constant quality with specific characteristics. In a world where there is a huge variation, like that of buckfast queens, our lines have stable characteristics:

  • Productivity
  • Robustness
  • Unwillingness to swarming
  • Good spring growth
  • Laying block on early winter
  • Overwintering even in severe climatic conditions

Obviously with buckfast specialized lines, we are able to respond to different needs in different geographical areas and following different business objectives: early development in spring and abundance of brood and bees, lines with a moderate fecundity but extremely robust and with a high performance on crops. We are aware anyway, that you cannot pretend everything from one line only: e.g. the really prolific ones , while can produce bees and brood in abundance , are usually the less productive ones in terms of honey, as a high fertility almost always turns into a loss of longevity and vitality in a api.Inoltre historicity consolidated in innovative techniques of farming and management of fertilization cores made available from the Tenuta il Ritiro, make of La Fenice a reference for professionals who decide to entrust the production of queens to specialised companies.

The experience and presence on the land of Salento of Luca Consigli, instead, allows us an early start of breeding almost unique in Europe: since end of March the first queens are already available. The quality of the future queen is predetermined through the starters and the development of the queen cells in the company developing hives. Larvae never longer than 12-24 hours and starters abundantly fed, plenty of rich nurse bees, guarantee a’ good quality feeding in the stages of development of the cells . These factors will impact heavily on the longevity and the morphology of the Queen. At ’ cell capping, royal cells are transferred into incubators at a temperature of 34,9 degrees and a humidity rate above 40%. On the tenth and eleventh day the nascent cells are ready for use in our drawers fertilization or available for sale that takes place exclusively at the company headquarters. The company has 2000 mininucs located in the Salento area not more than 15 km from the company headquarter. Each mating station consists of 200 mininucs and has its drone lines in hives specially prepared and followed up to ensure throughout the season a consistent quantity and quality of drones.

The collection is made with a cycle of 15 days by qualified workers with experience in the sorting and evaluation of Queens. This attention to genetics and to the quality of work in the field , ensure a consistent product of the highest level that makes La Fenice Beekeeping the ideal partner for professional beekeeping companies. Our Queens are available, after previous booking, since end of March till mid/end of October.

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