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The quality of our bees.

Thanks to the continuous and tiring research of the best Buckfast strains, we now have in our colonies gentle bees, long lived, hard working and above all healthy and immune to brood diseases. And of course one of the largest Buckfast genetic heritage, able to satisfy the most demanding customers all over different places and climates.

The moment you empty Fenice's package bees to strengthen your colony, you can count on bees which don't conflict with your hosting. Indeed they gonna helping to training of a new family for as long as possible.

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Advanced production tecnhiques.

In recent years we have tested any way to produce professionally package bees, up to create a custom hopper that allows us to shorten and maximize apiaries operations. We have a team for years specialized in this type of production which includes shaking bees from honey super in our "special funnel" directly positioned on a pre calibrated electronic scale. This evolution and the continuous research over the years has allowed us to get to produce more then 400 packages in less than 6 hours. So all of this translate in fresh packages of young bees, no drones and real weight. Our product taken from beehives reach customers maximum 48 hours later. We work exclusively with polystyrene beehives, to grant us anticipated development thanks to the insulating power of the polystyrene. Anticipating brood cycles means, especially in the early deliveries, avoid selling winter bees with a shortened life expectancy.

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During winter months we personally produce wooden boxes with plastic net for package bees. We believe we found the most appropriate sizes to store and transport package bees.
Speaking of storage, at the end of the first day of field operations, we store packages in a electronic cold storage able to maintain 8 degrees, 60% humidity and oxygen circulation with more than 800 package bees inside, regardless of external conditions.

Inside wooden boxes, aggregating pheromone and a glucose/fructose syrup such as nutrition are the best way of keeping bees in glomere without stress, main cause of the aging process.

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Here too, in the years we tried various types of transport and we came to the conclusion that curtain side truck option is the best one. A special camber, with front air vents, side windows with nets you can open if necessary and a misting system positioned on the roof operable from inside driver's cabs. Package bees placed on pallets, enjoy a controlled air circulation. A solution that will protect and guarantee bees during first deliveries with cold temperature, from risk of rain along the way and from the heat of late spring.

Regarding air cargo delivery to countries not reachable on wheels, as northern Europe or outside the EU, we are working with a major shipper based in Fiumicino Rome and Malpensa Milan, specialized in live animals transport.

  • We decided to focus on quality.

  • Whether it is logistics, production or transport.

  • On, the market you can find cheaper products than ours but customer continues to reward us year after year.

  • We can count on 3 different production spots , Southern Italy, Northern Italy and South of France, to cover up with consistency all spring.

  • To get a quality package bee we focused on all aspects of the supply chain.





Born in 1993, originally from Monteroni di Lecce. Innate passion for engines that will lead him to take care of the maintenance of all means of work. In his spare time he practices Taekwondo and weight lifting.



Leccese 1991, after finishing his studies at ITIS Enrico Fermi, works for 3 years in the army and then specializing in the bar sector. New network purchase, radically changes life, approached to beekeeping by his childhood friend Mattia, as well as a teammate of A.S.D Basket Carmiano, of which he is also sporting director.



Born in 1973, of Monteroni di Lecce, for several years he ran a small business that produced clothing with his family.
Passionate about horticulture, comic books, sport fishing and technology in general, is part of the G.A.S Gruppo Astrofili del Salento, astronomical popularization association, in which he holds the position of director.



Born in Lecce in 1991, he was introduced to the world of bees by his brother Emanuele. From an early age he devoted his free time to fishing.