Swarming tendency

Despite our Buckfast specialization, at the beginning La Fenice had only Ligustica genetics. For health and commercial reasons and to raise production standards, we have decided to change quite all queens in Buckfast as we have said several times, rejecting almost all italian strains we tested, we buyed and we held over years.

We have kept over the years a single line of Ligustica of different sisters, which have proved to be in line with the production averages of the rest of our buckfast lines. But above all, it was the only one line that never have given sign of sensitivity to European and American foulbroud, chalckbrood and virosis. Our italian queens are, leather colored, hygienic and healthy, gentle, they guarantee very good harvest and ensures excellent fecundity so large and compact brood. Especially good in warm climates and during long blooms. Also good at overwintering.

A modern Ligustica up to date.

In addition to the classic tools such as instrumental insemination and fertilization in a protected area, We organized 4 quite isolated apiaries in which to observe without intervening, our specimens selected with the Pin Test and with feedback on production and intended to provide us with information on the traits of resistance to varroa.

Ultimately, real "SURVIVAL APIARI" gives 25 hives spaced each in which we will leave it exclusively to the bees. So no stimulating nutrition, no manipulation, no treatments except before any colony collapses, after being transported outside. Only a single brood draw during swarming to support any future losses.

Questo iniziativa è finalizzata ad integrare il percorso di selezione perché a volte i soliti test (hygienic,smr, varroa etc) they do not provide all the answers and are difficult to interpret.
Bees adopt different responses to defend themselves against varroa and it is not certain that the only one is having low levels of infestation. There are colonies that are able to withstand greater loads so the immune system also plays a fundamental role.
In these apiaries we will therefore evaluate the final result without dwelling too much on the reasons that concur it.

ligustica CODES